Why buy a Lhasa from an AKC breeder who breeds in their home?

1. You will be able to call the breeder after you take your puppy home and get advice about your puppy as that puppy grows into an adult dog.

2. The puppy will come from a home setting just like yours as opposed to being confined to a little cage or cubicle in a dark barn from birth.

3. Your puppy will be socialized to enjoy being with people and be pretty close to being potty trained before you take him home. 

4. You will be able to meet Mama dog, interact with her and see pictures of the AKC Champion Daddy dog. And you will receive their AKC pedigree after your puppy is spayed or neutered if you do not plan to show him.

       Grandma - Nikita                         Daughter - Sarah                               Grandaughter  Emily