Satisfied Puppy Owners
“ Isabelle  is the sweetest, most lovable, adorable little being I've ever seen!  We're  over the moon with her. We adore her. The same loving, kissy personality she had from birth.  Everyone she meets she loves.  We're training her and she's doing quite well. It's the clicker system with rewards.  It's insane how much everyone loves her."  Dena and Rebecca

"Fozzy is just a dream puppy!!  He is doing so well on his potty training - I attribute much of that to you and the way you used the wewe pads. Thank you for being such a good mommy! He has only used the pad one time and has gone outside every other time. He is just the easiest puppy I have ever had! We love him to pieces."   Cyndi

"With all of the rain, I put three pee-pads down on the front porch (covered) and she gladly did her bisness on the pads, and when it stopped raining she was able to go out into the yard.  Abby just loves to give her daddy and me puppy kisses, and has the absolute CUTEST way of dropping her front end and slapping her little paws on the floor.  Just adorable, and we love her dearly!"  Page & Bob
Thank you for "having" her....